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In Depth #6 – The Last Stretch

In the weeks between this blog post (#6) and blog post #5, I’ve had the marvelous opportunity to go into a lab with Caitlin! We went into the lab and spent a few hours with the students there. The first… Continue Reading →

In Depth #5 – Insects and Justice

Since the last blog post, we’ve had spring break and it’s been a week since we’ve come back to school! I wasn’t able to attend lectures during spring break, but I did go to a class before and was able… Continue Reading →

In Depth #4 – Temperature and Blow Fly Analysis

In Depth is moving along steadily! After a two week break from the SFU lectures, due to their exam week, Week 8 of classes began. This class, we learned about factors that affect blow fly analysis and focused specifically on… Continue Reading →

In Depth #3 – Life Cycle of a Blow Fly

Currently, In Depth is going smoothly. I have been continuously attending classes on forensic entomology at SFU, while Caitlin has been going to classes concerning forensic science. This week, we’ve begun learning about the life cycle of a blow fly… Continue Reading →

In Depth #2 – Livor Mortis & Saponification

It’s already week three of In Depth! Caitlin and I have met with our mentor once so far. We’ve attended lectures at SFU on forensic entomology and forensic science. Caitlin and I have decided on a system where she attends… Continue Reading →

In Depth #1 – Something New

In Depth is finally here! It’s hard to believe this is my second and last In Depth. This year, I’m partnering up with Caitlin Owens, our resident ray of sunshine! Caitlin and I will be pursuing skills related to forensic… Continue Reading →

In Depth #6 – So close!

In Depth… In Depth…. In Depth….. The time is near…. In Depth night is almost upon us! I’m excited, but quite nervous at the same time! I can’t believe that In Depth is coming to a close. I remember that… Continue Reading →

In Depth #5 – I think I’m getting there!

As you know, my In Depth project is about learning how to code with C#. During the 2 weeks, especially during Spring Break, I managed to conduct lots of research! I’m interested in pursuing computer science as a career, so… Continue Reading →

In Depth #4 – I can feel my database growing!

Exciting. Exhilarating. These are the words I would use to describe the experience of learning the C# language so far. It’s a treasure hunt where the gems of knowledge I’m finding are beautiful and valuable. As you may expect, learning… Continue Reading →

In Depth #3 – I’m having fun, but I’m confused!

As you may know, my In Depth project this year is learning how to code. Specifically, learning the programming language C# and making some kind of final project to test my skills! In my last blog post, I talked about… Continue Reading →

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