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Humanities 2017-2018

New Brunswick – Economy (Confederation Roleplay)

***Is currently unedited and may be revised later on.** Good evening ladies, gentlemen and your royal highness. I, Robert Duncan Wilmot will be representing New Brunswick this evening, concerning our economy. New Brunswick supports the Confederation as not only our… Continue Reading →

Independent Investigation #2 – Battle of Queenston Heights

During the Battle of Queenston Heights in 1812, to what extent did the First Nations affect the outcome of the battle? To answer this question in the most simple way, I have made 5 infographics. With my tendency to write… Continue Reading →

Hamilton – You’ll be Back #8

A : Character Development The song You’ll be Back is after the song Farmer Refuted (check Annie’s blog for Farmers Refuted), and is in the form of a letter from King George. This song was based on the Proclamation of… Continue Reading →

Hamilton #1 – Alexander Hamilton Big Ideas

Emerging ideas and ideologies profoundly influence societies and events. “Took up a collection just to send him to the mainland…” This line talks about how Alexander Hamilton was sent to the mainland, or America in order to gain an education…. Continue Reading →

Independent Investigation Inquiry #1 – General James Wolfe

To what extent did Major-General James Wolfe affect the outcome of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham? A – Historical Significance : Outline the focus of your inquiry and provide background knowledge. Why is this an important and significant… Continue Reading →

Defining Characteristics of 17th Century English Society – A Letter to the Sister

Elizabeth. I am having a trusted scribe write this to you. You know that I have not been taught to read or write. I can only hope this will reach you in good health. Elizabeth, my dear sister, I pray… Continue Reading →

Wheels of Revolution – The Industrial Revolution

In case the image is not viewable, I will write the exact words I used for the parts of STEP. Technological : Before the industrial revolution, manufacturing items was done at home, usually by hand or with simple contraptions. After… Continue Reading →

Humanities – Sourcing a Significant Personal Object

  What is the story of my Keep Going: The Art of Perseverance? Keep Going : The Art of Perseverance is a novel by Joseph M. Marshall III and is a secondary source; the novel is a method that Joseph M. Marshall… Continue Reading →

Historical Thinking – The Ethical Dimension

How can history help us to live in the present? When I was reading through the six different questions that presented themselves to me on my sheet, I found that I was able to think of answers relatively quickly. Then… Continue Reading →

Lazy Sonnet – Midsummer Night’s Dream Act IV

Sound Asleep Found By Three Angered Father Shattered Bother Sorcery Reversed A Story Rehearsed Enchained Disdain

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