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Eminent Introduction – Ada Lovelace

That brain of mine is something more than merely mortal; as time will show. -Ada Lovelace Augusta Ada King, the Countess of Lovelace, more commonly known as Ada Lovelace, was a revolutionary thinker of her age. Born in the early… Continue Reading →

Document of Learning – Interviews

  Eminent gave me a lot of opportunities to try things that I had never tried before, and one of the things that I was exposed to was asking for and performing interviews. I sent out 8 emails asking for… Continue Reading →

Night of the Notables – Eminent Night!

Eminent has passed. I finally got some sleep! >———-< In my Learning Centre, I had a board where people would write their opinions on gifted education, a trifold with information on my person, a book on educational psychology and a… Continue Reading →

Bi-BLOG-raphy (Eminent 2017) o________o

Eminent is over! ^—-^ My eminent person this year, Leta Stetter Hollingworth has done so many things that have affected people living in the world today. Leta Stetter Hollingworth’s work has affected students, parents, teachers and researchers. You may not… Continue Reading →

Eminent Speech Story Arc – Leta Stetter Hollingworth’s 2 Major Accomplishments

1. Exposition Introduce Leta Stetter Hollingworth, a little bit of her education and personal background. She got married to Harry Levi Hollingworth. 2. Inciting Incident She and Harry moved to New York, but she wasn’t allowed to get a job… Continue Reading →

Leta Stetter Hollingworth (Introductory Blog Post Oct 21)

Psychology has always piqued my interest. Learning about the complex layers of the mind drew me in, prompting me to dive into the depths of the intricate subject that branches into all fields. How would it feel, I wondered, to… Continue Reading →

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