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Garibaldi Equipment Presentation

This is the link to a short presentation on equipment created by our wonderful Sarah J. Link to Equipment Presentation PLEASE NOTE THE WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION AND PACKING TIPS ESPECIALLY FOR THOSE THAT HAVE NOT BEEN TO STEIN. If you have… Continue Reading →

New Brunswick – Economy (Confederation Roleplay)

***Is currently unedited and may be revised later on.** Good evening ladies, gentlemen and your royal highness. I, Robert Duncan Wilmot will be representing New Brunswick this evening, concerning our economy. New Brunswick supports the Confederation as not only our… Continue Reading →

TALONTALK – Painkillers – Opioids

My TALONTALK (I take no credit for TALONTALK, all credit goes to Tony Sun, a grade 10 TALONS – Thanks Tony!) question was. How do people become tolerant to opioids and why is withdrawal so difficult? I decided to ask… Continue Reading →

Independent Investigation #2 – Battle of Queenston Heights

During the Battle of Queenston Heights in 1812, to what extent did the First Nations affect the outcome of the battle? To answer this question in the most simple way, I have made 5 infographics. With my tendency to write… Continue Reading →

Ecological Footprint – Varying Degrees of Success?

My ecological footprint was 9.85 hectares. Compared to others, I found that there were varying footprints. Some people like Albert and Elaine had values around 7 or 8 and others like Yunmin had breached 12 and 13. I was quite… Continue Reading →

Hamilton – You’ll be Back #8

A : Character Development The song You’ll be Back is after the song Farmer Refuted (check Annie’s blog for Farmers Refuted), and is in the form of a letter from King George. This song was based on the Proclamation of… Continue Reading →

In Depth #6 – So close!

In Depth… In Depth…. In Depth….. The time is near…. In Depth night is almost upon us! I’m excited, but quite nervous at the same time! I can’t believe that In Depth is coming to a close. I remember that… Continue Reading →

Hamilton #1 – Alexander Hamilton Big Ideas

Emerging ideas and ideologies profoundly influence societies and events. “Took up a collection just to send him to the mainland…” This line talks about how Alexander Hamilton was sent to the mainland, or America in order to gain an education…. Continue Reading →

Independent Investigation Inquiry #1 – General James Wolfe

To what extent did Major-General James Wolfe affect the outcome of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham? A – Historical Significance : Outline the focus of your inquiry and provide background knowledge. Why is this an important and significant… Continue Reading →

In Depth #5 – I think I’m getting there!

As you know, my In Depth project is about learning how to code with C#. During the 2 weeks, especially during Spring Break, I managed to conduct lots of research! I’m interested in pursuing computer science as a career, so… Continue Reading →

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