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May 2019

David Suzuki: The Autobiography – Final Speech

The Canada of today is bright, peaceful, and stands as an example in a world of conflict. Canada “boasts of its high ideals of democracy and all the rights that are guaranteed by its Charter of Rights and Freedoms, but… Continue Reading →

John A Macdonald – Remove or Not Remove?

Grace Kim TALONS English 10 May 1st, 2019 John A Macdonald: A Moral Disaster   Morals build the framework of oneself. Our morals and values guide us in all our decisions and dictate what we consider right, wrong, justifiable, and… Continue Reading →

In Depth #6 – The Last Stretch

In the weeks between this blog post (#6) and blog post #5, I’ve had the marvelous opportunity to go into a lab with Caitlin! We went into the lab and spent a few hours with the students there. The first… Continue Reading →

David Suzuki: the Autobiography – Checkin

“Yet by invoking the War Measures Act in 1942, the government declared that race alone was a sufficient threat to Canadian security to revoke all rights of citizenship for Canadians of Japanese descent.” (15) Canada is known to be peaceful… Continue Reading →

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