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February 2019

R+J Critical Response Act II – Puppy Love?

Based on our reading so far, do you agree or disagree that Romeo and Juliet’s relationship is one of “infatuated children’ engaging in ‘puppy love’? Why or why not? Provide at least two pieces of textual evidence. Puppy love is… Continue Reading →

In Depth #3 – Life Cycle of a Blow Fly

Currently, In Depth is going smoothly. I have been continuously attending classes on forensic entomology at SFU, while Caitlin has been going to classes concerning forensic science. This week, we’ve begun learning about the life cycle of a blow fly… Continue Reading →

In Depth #2 – Livor Mortis & Saponification

It’s already week three of In Depth! Caitlin and I have met with our mentor once so far. We’ve attended lectures at SFU on forensic entomology and forensic science. Caitlin and I have decided on a system where she attends… Continue Reading →

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