In Depth is finally here! It’s hard to believe this is my second and last In Depth. This year, I’m partnering up with Caitlin Owens, our resident ray of sunshine! Caitlin and I will be pursuing skills related to forensic sciences. The motive behind my choice this year is my passion and curiosity concerning the field of criminology and forensic sciences. Currently, I’m pondering what future career I want to pursue, and criminology or forensic sciences is one of my (numerous) options. In Depth will be a wonderful opportunity for me to learn more about jobs in criminology or forensic sciences and see if it’s a career path I want to pursue. Caitlin and I have emailed a professor of forensic entomology at SFU and are in the process of communicating with her. The chance to attend lectures and assist with research has been offered to us and we are impatient to begin! The only concern that I have currently is our schedule. Matching times and sorting all the details out will take a little longer. Hopefully, this year’s In Depth will be full of learning and fun! Until the next blog post.