Describe the ups and downs you have encountered to date in your inquiry. Specifically, when you were frustrated or struggling in your inquiry, what did you do to address the situation?

My ZIP inquiry is: what components make a fictional world vivid and realistic? As I come to realize over time, creating a fictional world is subjective. Yes, there are components that everyone needs to consider, such as society and geography, but what you do with those components is entirely up to the individual. While attempting to think up of ideas to put into my fictional world, I struggle with the overflow of ideas. There’s too many ways I can make a society or create a magic system. I can create a magic system where everyone has an ability or one where only a few people do. There’s so many fun ways to create a fictional world! Too many ways. After struggling to choose a single idea or concept, the realization that I might not finish on time comes into view. I need to make decisions now. It’s okay to adjust and redesign my world, but I first need to make a decision. After opening my eyes to this problem, I find it much easier to simply choose the idea I like best at the moment, knowing that I can always go back to alter it another time.