What is a specific source of information that you have found valuable in answering your inquiry question? How has it proved valuable? Explain.



Six steps to creating a general magic system.





3 laws to keep in mind when building a magic system.


I’ve found an ocean of resources, but the ones you see above are the ones I am focusing on for now. In my previous blog post, I’ve mentioned that I needed a starting point. I’ve decided that a central part of the world I create will be it’s magic system, so creating a magic system will be my starting point! The first resource gives me a really broad overview and lists some simple, but important questions about my magic system. It’s really useful in it’s concision, because I have to create a lot of things besides the magic system. I need a social structure, countries, and other things on top of my magic system, so it really helps that it’s not too detailed.

The other resource(s) are part of a collection, so there’s three different parts. This resource is really helpful because it goes into depth and gives a lot of details and explanations. It lists things that are crucial to know and clearly explains what it means step by step. It also helps that this comes from an author, someone who’s gone through this process. Hopefully I will be able to design a consistent framework for my world’s magic system!