What components make a fictional world vivid and realistic?

ZIP is here! Last year, during my very first ZIP project, I decided to do character building, or character creation. I wanted to get into the mind of an author, to see how they created vivid characters that were relatable and understandable. This year, I’ve decided to do something within the same area: building a fictional world. Compared to my topic last year, building a fictional world focuses more on a broader idea in building a novel, like social structure and terrain, instead of small details in individual people.

I know that building a fictional world isn’t going to be easy, but it sounds like a lot of fun! I don’t know too much about building and designing a fictional world at the moment, but there’s a few things that I know I’m going to have to learn. Designing a fictional world includes designing terrain, creating the rules of physics, and so much more. I have to understand what makes OUR world go round before I can make another world fully functional. Things like weather, geography, language, and world history are things I’ll have to develop.

By the end of this ZIP project, I hope that I’ll be able to analyze the critical parts of the world and our society, and see how different parts of our history affect how the society and world of today came to be. Another skill that I wish to expand on is creating things with a purpose, so that everything I build is connected to something in society; creating an interconnected world, like a complex web, where everything has a purpose and effect is my goal.

For this project, the internet is probably going to be my best resource. There’s a ton of websites with tips to help writers, and building a fictional world is something that (I think) is crucial and common. I’ll also speak to my peers and ask them what they think makes our world go round. My peers have a different perspective than I do and might think different things are important to the functionality of a world.

By the end of ZIP, I’m hoping to have successfully created a fictional world. In our 6 minute presentations, I’m hoping to include what I found most important in the building process and present my fictional world itself. For now, I think that during the presentation, I might focus on presenting the social structure and geography of whatever world I attempt to create. My schedule so far looks like:



Dec 21st Come up with skill/question
Jan 4th Proposal
Jan 4th-13th Research
Jan 13th-15th Planning
Jan 15th-19th Creating
Jan 20th Midpoint Check-in
Jan 20th-24th Creating
Jan 25th-27th Final Details
Jan 28th Present


Hopefully, this year’s ZIP project will overcome last year in terms of success and fun! Here we go!