***Is currently unedited and may be revised later on.**

Good evening ladies, gentlemen and your royal highness. I, Robert Duncan Wilmot will be representing New Brunswick this evening, concerning our economy. New Brunswick supports the Confederation as not only our economy, but the economy of other colonies, and if we choose to Confederate, our country, would benefit as a whole.

The Confederation would bring a railway, offering more trade opportunities throughout the colonies, repairing the economic backlash from the Corn Laws and the loss of the Reciprocity Treaty. With our lumber, mining and fishing industries, New Brunswick will be able to bring various resources into the Confederation. Additionally, we border the United States, offering an excellent opportunity for international trade. Not only do we border the United States, New Brunswick is covered with numerous ports, offering an alternate, easy to access trade route, along our rivers like the St. John.

However, in order for New Brunswick and the rest of the colonies to fully benefit from the Confederation, there are a few things that I’d like to point out that are specific to our colony. In order to fully utilize the advantages that New Brunswick will bring into the Confederation, we would need a national effort to maintain our current positive relations with the United States, and maintain trade with the British, revolutionizing the system of mercantilism into trade between two countries. Since New Brunswick exports many materials, such as lumber, having tariffs would hinder our efforts to export across our nation, so we expect to be fully involved in any future arrangements involving tariffs. Additionally, compared to other colonies, New Brunswick has a small population, and thus, a small number of taxpayers. We do not wish to burden our people with debt from other colonies, so we expect to be involved in any arrangements involving future taxes as well.  Concerning the railway, New Brunswick is already an excellent hub for trade activity, and the railway would only boost the level of trade within our colony. Therefore, we’d like for New Brunswick to be a stop along the railway, or possibly one of its end locations.

To conclude my brief speech, I would like to review the interests of New Brunswick. New Brunswick supports the Confederation, and the unification of all our colonies, as we believe Confederation will not only benefit our economy, but the economy of other colonies as well. New Brunswick has a lot to offer, with our lumber, mining and fishing industries and we have various ports. We also offer an unique opportunity for international trade with United States, however, in order for the Confederation to be successful, there are a few things that New Brunswick would like for everyone to be aware of. Firstly, maintaining positive international relations with the United States and Britain, secondly, New Brunswick expects to be involved in any arrangements concerning tariffs and taxes and lastly, we would prefer to be one of the stops along the railway, connecting us to other colonies. New Brunswick believes that as one nation, we will be stronger and will develop a thriving economy, if all cards are played correctly. Thank you.