In Depth… In Depth…. In Depth…..
The time is near….

In Depth night is almost upon us! I’m excited, but quite nervous at the same time! I can’t believe that In Depth is coming to a close. I remember that at the start of In Depth, I was bursting with confidence and thought this would be easy. How wrong I was! I was taken aback by the complexity and depth of the world of computer science, and a lot of my previous blog posts had me writing that I was caught off guard.

For my progress so far, I can definitely say that I’ve made progress on my API! I’ve had minor problems with the coding here and there, but my mentor has been there to help me out. I’ve done a lot of research on different areas in coding, as I used this opportunity to explore computer science as a career path, and as I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post, I’ve been really interested in cryptology and have been looking at different languages and their purposes. During the final stretch before In Depth night, I’ll probably try to do some more research on different coding areas and finish up my API.

For my final In Depth presentation, I’m planning on bringing my laptop with me in order to present my API, and I will also have a sheet of paper that mimics a basic Hello World project. A Hello World project is a basic project that is usually the first project you do when you are learning most programming languages and displays words or values once the code has been typed in properly. I’ll have people write a message and then I will fill in the corresponding code. So, my learning centre will consist of a project that starts with the basics and a more advanced project, and I wanted to show the variety of uses a single programming language can have. I’m currently debating if I should have a visual such as a poster board or pamphlets/brochures, as the stretch of time known as AprilMayJune is proving to be incredibly chaotic.

I’m pleased with my progress, and I know that I am nowhere close to being an expert in the language of C#. I’ve grasped a very basic understanding of the fundamentals, and even then, I might be a little shaky. As I’ve come to understand, coding is a language. I can’t help but compare myself to a transfer student who still doesn’t fully understand the language of a new country. However, now that I understand the challenges and know a little more about the world of computer science, I would like to continue to learn more about coding, and maybe learn a different language that’s more suited to my tastes. There’s a lot that I don’t know, and I’d like to continue to shed more light on this untouched area. I’m going to think of In Depth as a landmark in my new journey into the world of computer science