I am having a trusted scribe write this to you. You know that I have not been taught to read or write. I can only hope this will reach you in good health. Elizabeth, my dear sister, I pray for your success. The last I have heard of you was of you being taken in as a maid. You know that we were once vagabonds; I still am. Elizabeth, I have sunk to the lowest of the low. I cannot work, I have no home, and I am alone. The nobles spit and jeer at us whenever they pass, saying we chose this life. As if anyone would choose a life at the bottom! Sister, I have gone down a path I cannot return from. The wages are nonexistent and the punishments are absolutely ridiculous. I’m afraid honest work is no longer an option. Just yesterday I watched one of my close friends be whipped for taking an extra orange. Is this justice? I am not sure and I do not think I will find out. I pray that one day I will have a plan and that dreams; our dreams go on towards the future. However, Elizabeth, do not turn out like me. Live an honest life, and do not fall into the depths of thievery and sin as I have.

Elizabeth, I urge you to cut all connections with me. I cannot let our correspondence sabotage your chances of a happy life. This may be the last time I will send you any mail. Please Elizabeth, do not follow me or look for me. This is our final goodbye. It pains me to even think about a life without my other half, yet this is the safest action. Please take care Elizabeth, do not let my sins taint your own purity. I wish only for your success.
With Love,
Your Sister, Grace.