screen-shot-2018-03-04-at-10-20-22-pmIn case the image is not viewable, I will write the exact words I used for the parts of STEP.

Technological : Before the industrial revolution, manufacturing items was done at home, usually by hand or with simple contraptions. After the industrial revolution, machines like the jenny helped the textile industry. Even steel and iron was mass-produced, allowing people to build more things using the iron and steel.


Social : Before the industrial revolution, many people worked in their homes and did not have high pay. Many things were inefficient and problems would arise. After the industrial revolution, more people would move to urbanized areas and many people lost their jobs, as the machines would do the bulk of the work. The quality of life increased for the middle and high class, but not so much for the poor. The pay was not that good, and the job could have been very dangerous.

Spinning Jenny

Spinning Jenny (A Technological Invention)

Political : Before the industrial revolution, the government was quite stable. After the industrial revolution, the government had taken actions to improve the quality of life of the middle and poor class, as the quality of life had deteriorated quickly during the development of the industrial revolution. The government later tried to ban the export of the new technology they had developed, in hopes that they could keep this advantage to their country.

Economical : Before the industrial revolution, people worked at home and would pass their products along to a merchant, who would then sell the finished product. After the industrial revolution, fewer people had work and were not paid well. The machines saved the big industry giants lots of money, but that resulted in the people not getting paid as well.



2. The industrial revolution, when compared to other revolutions, is quite different. For example, let’s use the French revolution. In the French revolution, it started off as a political and economic problem that ended up being the catalyst for the fall of the king. However, in the industrial revolution, we start off more with technological developments and advancements. In the industrial revolution, the government got more heavily involved after the living conditions of the people started to deteriorate. However, both revolutions go through the four parts of STEP, the only difference being the starting point of the two revolutions.

A revolution we can compare the industrial revolution with is the digital revolution or the third industrial revolution. The third industrial revolution and the industrial revolution both start off with new technological developments, such as the spinning jenny and the internet. The new inventions lead to jobs shifting elsewhere, and people moving to different places for their jobs. This leads to the government taking part, as in the industrial revolution, the government stepped in to improve the quality of life. However, in the third industrial revolution, the government is using inventions such as the internet to spread their views to a larger platform. Either way, the widespread use of the inventions in both revolutions create and take away many jobs. In both revolutions, the human labour needed to produce different products have gone down. In the industrial revolution, people were needed to attend to the machines, and in the third industrial revolution, people are needed to design new inventions.

Mass Producing Steel

Mass Producing Steel

3. Many people in the industrial revolution suffered much during that time, however, the government did take notice of this and made efforts to improve the quality of life. The knowledge and use of these new inventions spread all over the world, slowly but surely. The industrial revolution has sparked other revolutions like the third industrial revolution I mentioned in the last question. In the industrial revolution, a method of mass producing steel and iron was discovered. These methods for producing steel and iron have been further developed, and the steel and iron that has been produced have gone to work in so many different inventions. The third industrial revolution would not have happened if the original industrial revolution did not happen.The industrial revolution led to the place where this world is in today. The inventions during that time have sparked millions of new ideas, and even now we continue to build on the ideas and inventions that were introduced to us during the industrial revolution.