My In Depth skill this year is learning about and how to backend code. My mentor is someone who goes to my church, and he offered to help me out. After talking to him, I learned that he actually has a career in backend coding! When I was considering the type of coding I would be doing, he told me that backend coding is for people who like sitting down in front of a table, listening to music, while glaring at their computer, trying to solve a puzzle. He compared backend coding to a sudoku puzzle and told me that if I liked things like that, backend coding would be the way to go.
My mentor has managed to show me the things I would have to consider during my final project, and I was really shocked at the various parts that I would have to learn about and manage. While listening to him speak, all I could think was, ‘wow, this is the knowledge and wisdom a true expert and professional has’. In backend coding, there are many different things you can do, but there are different parts that you have to consider. For example, if I decide to design an API, I may need to make false data. I’m not too sure of what an API is just yet, but I know that it’s code that is used to process and manage requests, usually by retrieving and storing data. If I build an API, I will need to have data that the API can process. My mentor pointed that out and told me about the various things that come along with different projects.
Even though In Depth is only at three weeks, I quickly realized that there isn’t anything my mentor can do for me in terms of learning, besides introducing me to resources. Since I first have to learn a coding language to actually do something with the code, learning a coding language is my first step. Yet this first step is something that my mentor can’t help me with. Coding is something that you learn through practice, and sitting down and talking about it won’t do anything. I’ve realized that a mentor can show you the way, but can’t always go down the path with you. If I ever become a mentor to someone learning to code, I’ll do my best to guide them, but I won’t be able to walk by their side.