ZIP ZIP ZIP ZAP ZIP ZIP ZAP!!! Whipeee!!! For my ZIP project, I decided to pursue the answer to the question: what makes a realistic character? I decided to learn the parts of a realistic character and the skills in designing a realistic character. I am writing a story, and even though I’m am still in the designing stages, this project will help me develop better characters for my personal project. I already have some OC’s (original characters) designed, but I really think that my character design is much too vague and unrealistic, so I really want to use this project to further develop my own OC’s.

All I know about designing a good character are the vague basics. You need an ethnicity, backstory, likes, dislikes, some history and yadda yadda. Basically designing a character is bringing a person in your imagination onto paper. That’s my perspective on making a character, but I’m sure there’s a more structured way to do it. When I design my characters I usually start with their appearance then move on to personality, make a family background suitable for their character and move on to likes and dislikes.

By the end of ZIIIP, I want to learn the components of a realistic character and find my own style and process of designing characters. To learn these skills I might want to confront some writers and look at online resources. I may also talk to my peers that read often and I have a friend who is in the process of writing a story, so I might go to them for advice and feedback. The resource I will probably end up gravitating to will be the internet. There are a lot of instructions and tips for aspiring writers online, so I’m sure I will be able to find lots of resources online.

For my presentation at the end of ZIP, I’m not sure whether I will write a story, write and draw a graphic novel or simply make a lot of different character designs. I would like to give the class a crash course on how to design a realistic character. Before that, I think I will describe two different characters and ask which seems more like a real person and why. Then I will slip into my small lesson and present some of my own designs. Or a story. Or a graphic novel. We’ll see.


My schedule that I may end up deviating from is:


Monday, Dec 4 – Start research! Take notes!

Tuesday, Dec 5 – Continue research.

Wednesday, Dec 6 – Continue research.

Thursday, Dec 7 – Continue research.

Friday, Dec 8 – Finalize research.

Saturday, Dec 9 – Start designing character profiles! Doc of Learning!

Sunday, Dec 10 – Design character profiles.

Monday, Dec 11 – Design character profiles.

Tuesday, Dec 12 – Design character profiles.

Wednesday, Dec 13 – Design character profiles.

Thursday, Dec 14 – Design character profiles.

Friday, Dec 15 – Wrap up designs.

Saturday, Dec 16 – Start drawing physical appearance! Doc of Learning!

Sunday, Dec 17 – Continue and finish the sketch of OC’s.

Monday, Dec 18 – Start designing a lesson plan for final presentation! Write out the reflection assessment based on BC curriculum.

Tuesday, Dec 19 – Continue designing a lesson.

Wednesday, Dec 20 – Continue designing a lesson.

Thursday, Dec 21 – Continue designing lesson.

Friday, Dec 22 – Review everything and make sure it is all ready to go!


I am going to design multiple characters and may not follow this exact schedule. However, this will be the general format I will try to follow. :) I am super hyped!