1. Exposition

Introduce Leta Stetter Hollingworth, a little bit of her education and personal background. She got married to Harry Levi Hollingworth.

2. Inciting Incident

She and Harry moved to New York, but she wasn’t allowed to get a job as a teacher since she was married.

3. Rising Action 1

Struggling against the sexism in New York City, she went on to study at Columbia University and later studied under Edward Thorndike.

4. Rising Action 2

Leta, fueled by the unfair treatment she had received, went on to become the first person to study what is now known as the psychology of women. She helped women win voting rights and proved the fact that the menstruation cycle does not affect performance in women, and that there are no inherent differences in men and women.

5. Rising Action 3

After earning her PhD, Leta was captivated by a new area of psychology. After an eight-year-old boy scored 180 on the Stanford Binet Test in November 1916, Leta dove into the newfound psychology of gifted education. She became the first person to use the term ‘gifted’ and became the first person to write about gifted children and education.

6. Climax

Leta was offered a teaching position at Columbia University, fulfilling her initial goal of being a teacher in New York City. She also worked with the Speyer School in 1936, which was also known as Leta Hollingworth’s School for Bright Children, where she was able to further research gifted children.

7. Falling Action

Leta laid out the framework for future psychologists in the area of gifted education, but died at the age of 53, due to abdominal cancer. Her work in gifted education was finished by her husband Harry.

8. Resolution/Cliffhanger

Leta Hollingworth is a name that has been washed away by time, but she made 2 major accomplishments during her unfortunately short lifetime. She erased many myths about the inferiority of women and laid out the framework for future psychologists and future programs for gifted students. None of us would be here today without her; we females might not have been here due to misconceptions of our supposed inferiority and everyone’s lives would be drastically different if she had not created gifted education.