Psychology has always piqued my interest. Learning about the complex layers of the mind drew me in, prompting me to dive into the depths of the intricate subject that branches into all fields. How would it feel, I wondered, to be a great psychologist? To be able to harness the immense power of the brain and have it under my control? Many great psychologists have affected the very roots of our society, yet have been hidden in the shadows for far too long. Therefore I decided to bring an exceptional psychologist into the spotlight with my project; someone who has affected everyone reading this post.

Leta Stetter Hollingworth

      Leta Stetter Hollingworth

Leta Stetter Hollingworth is a name that is not well known but belongs to someone whose actions have touched everyone, especially the people in TALONS. Leta Stetter Hollingworth was a psychologist in the late 1800’s and the early 1900’s. Studying women psychology, she moved on to a different form of psychology when she met a remarkable young boy, who at the age of 8 had scored over 180 on the Stanford Binet Test. Her curiosity brought her to study a type of psychology that was never seen before. The study of gifted children. Being the first psychologist to use the term ‘gifted’, she blazed the trail for future psychologists and teachers, bringing around the beginnings of gifted organizations and programs; much like the one we are in today.

At the start of eminent, I faced a harsh obstacle; choosing my eminent person. There were a plethora of psychologists that I could have done my eminent project on. Robert Cialdini, a psychologist taking over the business world with his theories of persuasion; Howard Gardner, the developer of the multiple intelligences that prove that there are many forms of brilliance; Isabel Briggs Myers, the creator of the MBTI personality test that is found in business environments to everyday quizzes; and Ivan Pavlov, who was well known for his Pavlov theory of classical conditioning. There is a sea of amazing psychologists out in the world, all of whom are in the process of or have played a key role in the development of society.

Nevertheless, I chose Leta Stetter Hollingworth as my final eminent person because I admire the fact that she was able to accomplish so many things that would be difficult to do, and she did it in a time where she was pushed to the side just because she was a female. Her studies in psychology are amazing and branch into diverse areas, and without her studies, there would have never been a TALONS program and I would still be a terrified little girl scared of expressing her thoughts. In a way, Leta Stetter Hollingworth is a role model to me and I hope that I can shine as brightly as her one day.

Some similarities and differences:

Grace Kim (ME) Leta Stetter Hollingworth
Female Female
Middle-Class Upbringing Middle-Class Upbringing
Korean Canadian (Asian) American (Caucasian)
Non-abusive mother Abusive mother
Not a psychologist Psychologist
Time where gender equality is brought to attention Time where sexism was at large
No siblings Multiple siblings (2 sisters)

The differences between Leta and I are quite big, but I am sure that I will be able to make up for these differences and enhance my project using these differences. Utilizing these differences and changing them into strengths will be a difficult feat, but with some careful planning and brainstorming, these differences may as well be the highlight of my eminent project.

With my first eminent project, I hope that it bears many fruits of wisdom, or as Mr. Morris would put it, ‘wise nugs’. My main goal for this project is not to get a good mark (even though that is very important), but to learn more about my personality and to try to take risks with my project. During my academic life, I have always played it safe and have rarely stepped outside of my comfort zone. I was always aware that I would not grow from limiting myself, but I was too scared of the disappointment that failure would bring, not just to myself but to the people around me. Therefore, my IEP contains the goal ‘risk-taking’ and this project will aid me in reaching this goal. With the support of my new TALONS family and by researching Leta Stetter Hollingworth, I look forward to gaining the courage to do the things that horrify me the most.